Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I haven't forgotten about the blog

I have recently moved so I did not have internet. Lame. Anyways the giveaway will be posted as soon as a I get the last item, which should be any day now!! I'm so excited :) Also I need to check in on swap-bot and get the addresses from swaps from a couple of weeks ago so I can finally send those out!! I feel absolutely horrible about not sending on time..which is not typical of me as you could tell by my ratings. If any of you guys are from any of those swaps I will be emailing you with an apology and when to expect your amazing packages..and added extras ..I really thought I would have been able to send on time but I totally forgot to get the address to send to before I moved..I can be ditsy sometimes.

Anyways on to awesome news..I got picked to be host for the Durex house party!! I'm super excited.

Some things coming up:

1 give away

2 glamour doll eyes eyeshadow review!!
3 finally uploading pictures of the epistick and how to use it and all the other things that I just haven't gotten around to :(
4 review of my pal violet.
5 BIG giveaway announcement on halloween.
6 also I'm thinking of maybe some make up tutorials(including some halloween...I've been practicing!) :)

I'm also trying to make my blog neat looking and not so all over the place.

super excited and I hope you guys are too!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

coming up

Giveaway- So my last post I stated there was going to be a giveaway. I'm still in the process of buying more stuff :) So far I have tons of cosmetics and samples of really neat stuff, but since my blog is not just a beauty blog I was wondering if you guys have anything in mind that I should add. I'm planning on getting some deco items (like rhinestones and molds, polymer clay and some other craft supplies) but I'm really not sure what else to get do any of you guys have any suggestions? Obviously since I'm not sponsored in any way and I will be buying all the prizes so please keep prices in mind. I'm also planning on getting at least one thing from etsy but I'm not sure what yet..obviously I'm not going to get clothes since we all come in different sizes and that would not be fair. Also there will be two separate packages and since so far I only have 12 followers your chances of winning one is pretty high. Sneak peak of the prizes will be in September and the giveaway(and details on how to enter) starts on Halloween. Prizes will be sent around Christmas!

Things that are coming up:

Giveaway for having 10 followers :) I didn't forget about this giveaway!
It will be posted this week! Actually it will be posted Tuesday! All you have to do to enter is post a comment on tomorrows blog post and leave your email address in case you win. Also to make this more fun you will get an extra chance of winning for getting one of your friends to follow my blog. Make sure you tell them to let me know who sent them!  This giveaway is not as big as the one starting in October but it's still pretty neat. More information will be posted Tuesday.

Pictures of the epistick I promised :)

I also bought a coastal scents pallet with an amazon gift card I got from participating in a survey group.  So there will a review coming up with some pictures!! Also my boyfriend just got a new computer that has a web cam so I'm thinking about doing some youtube videos..not sure yet. I guess it depends on how posting some makeup looks on here goes.

Also I ordered the Missha deluxe sampler from It's is free with registration!! Well it's not completely free you still have to pay $6 for shipping..I'm not exactly sure if it was worth it.

I'll keep yall updated!


Friday, August 13, 2010


I have been so busy with work I have neglected this blog but I promise I'll be posting more this coming week.

Also I'm doing blog swap on swap-bot so I'll be posting some blogs to check out probably tomorrow.

I have a lot of ideas for future blog posts!   Also I'm still collecting stuff for the giveaway which will be around Christmas (so there will be TONS of stuff) more information will be posted on Halloween.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kinect for Xbox

Kinect looks amazing! I can not wait until November 4 when it comes out. It supposedly will come with a free game. The question is, which one? If it some lame game I'm going to be pissed. I really like the idea of Joyride as the free game but apparently that is no longer the free game that will be included. It is rumored to be priced at $149 on gamestop.  I've always wanted a Wii but Ben already has an Xbox so this sounds awesome since I really do not want tons of game systems.  I'm not going to lie, I really do not play video games like I use to.  I play super smash brothers every once in a while on my game cube but I'm not a gamer.  I wish I could play Xbox but I hate the controller.  Ben wants the new Xbox..which is okay with me I guess. It will cost twice as much as the one I got him for Christmas. (I ordered him an Xbox 360 pro for $150 off of ebay)

The new Xbox 360  is sleeker (and Kinect ready!!). Costing $300. I'm okay with this price because it's smaller, touch sensitive buttons, wifi (so the stupid internet router that is in the way of my stuff can be gone!), port for the Kinect, 250 GB of memory, super quiet-only has one fan so hopefully doesn't over heat :(, 5 USB slots, and well it just looks nicer.  I'm a sucker for new stuff even if I won't use it.

So pretty much this Holiday season I will be spending like $500 just on Xbox related stuff. BUT Ben says he will give his Xbox and internet router to my I'm okay with it. I always spend way to much money on him for holidays.

Anyways I got off topic. I really like most of the games..I do not really like the interactive pet game..but maybe once Abby is older she might like it..

Over all it sounds awesome, and I want all the new stuff!

Playstation move sounds lame though.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Epistick review

I got the epistick today!  First off I would like to say it did hurt, but it was not unbearable. The most painful part was my upper lip area, ouch! Other than that it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's pretty much a spring with hard rubber handles. The hair gets trapped in one of the coils and yanks it out.  Overall  I really like this product. :) Ill be posting a picture tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This week

So yesterday I bought some stuff and I'll be reviewing as soon as I get them
  • epistick-I bought it off ebay from a u.s.a. seller so it should be here soon! :) Pretty much its a spring with rubber hadles that removes hair from your face. It seems like it would hurt a ton. I'm going to try it anyways since all the reviews on the blogs I've looked at says it's not too bad. Plus it was only $2 with free shipping. :)
  • eyelashes-I bought these off ebay too. It's ten eyelashes and it cost 4.27 with free shipping. These is my first order ever from an international seller so we will see how that goes. I'm not even sure how customs and duties work, so I really hope it will not be too much.
  • eyeshadow primer- I bought this off of Fyrinnae Cosmetics. So I had a $5.00 visa card from doing a survey and I wanted to test out this line. I wanted an eyeshadow and the primer but the total for a sample of both was $5.25 so I couldn't do that. I ended up getting two samples of the eyeshadow primer for $4.75 with shipping. The site is down right now for maintenance :( But I should receive the samples in about 2 weeks. 
 I'm going to be opening up an Etsy shop soon! It will mostly be polymer clay necklaces and charms.

To celebrate I'll be doing a giveaway once I reach 10 followers. Obviously Ill let you know as soon as I find out what will be given away..but it will be tons of neat stuff! I already know I'll be giving away once of my necklaces(your choice) and once of the eyeshadow primers. I'm also thinking of throwing in a few craft supplies and some samples I have laying around.  It will be international as long as someone helps me out about how to send something out of the United States . I have no clue how to internationally ship something..I barely know how to FedEx something in the same state as me. lol.

This week Ill be posting some make-up don't laugh at me if I completely suck, okay?

I'll update tomorrow :)

    Wednesday, June 2, 2010

    I got a new job at JoAnns

    I'm super excited :) I still can not believe a store is being opened in Macon. I'm sure I will really enjoy this job...unlike the fast food restaurants I've worked at in the past.

    Monday, May 31, 2010

    New start?

    I decided to delete all my earlier post except the reviews.  The other posts just seemed like they did not fit.  So I'm starting over.  :)

    I'm a 21 year old mother that loves beauty products and crafts. I'm not really great but I make polymer clay jewelry and I'm trying to sew. I'm really into t-shirt reconstruction and I'm interested in learning how to knit. I am currently unemployed so I will not be able to post the newest beauty products at the moment.
    I've worked in fast food for the last 2 years and just got tired of it. I went to an open interview for JoAnn's and I am really hoping I get the job. It would absolutely be the most amazing job ever, definitely since I'm trying to go back to school to become a medical assistant.
    My daughter is 5 months old today! Her name is Abby and she is my life :)
    I also have the greatest boyfriend ever! Even if he is X-Box obsessed..well actually Call of Duty is his obsession.

    I will also try to update at least once a week. 

    Tuesday, May 25, 2010

    Felix Fire Truck by Manhattan Toy (ebeanstalk)

    I received a baby toy from for review. The toy that was sent was a lot more than I expected and Abby loved it. We received Felix Fire Truck which lights up and clicks when rolled, and vibrates when the water hose is pulled. Every time Abby tries to play with this toy she chews on poor Felix.  After a while Abby did finally stop chewing and let me show her how to make it click and vibrate. I don't think she is quite old enough for this toy, just yet anyways. This toy is intended for 6 months+ and she is only 4 months (almost 5) but I'm guessing if I give her a few more weeks she will be moving the truck to hear the click and lights with out my help.  Ebeanstalk has a wide variety of learning toys. Also I am quite impressed with their selection of unique toys like the Tizoo! Which I am planning on buying soon! :)

    Over all Abby really enjoyed this toy and I have now found a perfect website for toys for my daughter and also for future gifts.


    * I did receive this toy for review, so no I did not buy it but I promise this is a honest review. If you have any questions comment or email me. Also I had lost the pictures of the first day she got the toy so I did have to take new ones so that is why the date is the same as the date of blog posting.

    Thursday, April 29, 2010 review

    Ebeanstalk Review is a website that offers developmental toys for kids based in Connecticut. At first I thought the toys would be blocks and books but once I actually looked at the website I was pleasantly surprised, they had tons of fun toys that were both educational AND fun. My favorite part is the instruction card that comes with each toy. The card gives graduated play ideas, skills developed by playing with toys,and target age for the toy.
    Ebeanstalk is very easy to navigate, with categories including
    toys by age, boy or girl, and by the different types of toys. The only problem that I could find with this website is that the slide show might run slow on a slower internet connection. It showed fine on my computer but if you have dial-up it may take a while to load. Oh and shipping is free for orders $65 and over, which is very easy to spend with all the great toys. I definitely recommend this site. :)

    So check it out.


    Thursday, April 1, 2010

    Delish Beads

    Delish Beads
    website etsy

    The shop is based in Seattle, she sells resin beads,decoden supplies,acrylic beads, and plastic cabochons. I think all of her stuff is super cute. She also sells Swarovski Crystal rhinestones, which I guess is part of the decoden supplies category.
    I ordered off her website because I have never ordered off of Etsy so I used PayPal which I thought I knew how to use but I get confused really easily and I thought I didnt fill out the form correctly. The owner of Delish Beads was super nice and helped me with my questions I had. They also have FREE shipping everywhere in the world which is pretty sweet. I ended up buying only 2 things which I wish I had a little bit more cash on hand so I could have bought some of the super cute cupcake cabochons. I bought 2 3mm Swarovski Crystal Components Rhinestones - Crystal - 50 piece set, I spent 7.99 which I know sounds a bit much..but it ended up being cheaper since I did not have to pay shipping :)
    Anyways it took 8 days to get to me from the day I purchased which really isn't that bad since I do live in Georgia.

    In all I will definitely purchase from this store and also I recommend this store to anyone that is into cute decorative free shipping is always awesome :)



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