Thursday, April 29, 2010 review

Ebeanstalk Review is a website that offers developmental toys for kids based in Connecticut. At first I thought the toys would be blocks and books but once I actually looked at the website I was pleasantly surprised, they had tons of fun toys that were both educational AND fun. My favorite part is the instruction card that comes with each toy. The card gives graduated play ideas, skills developed by playing with toys,and target age for the toy.
Ebeanstalk is very easy to navigate, with categories including
toys by age, boy or girl, and by the different types of toys. The only problem that I could find with this website is that the slide show might run slow on a slower internet connection. It showed fine on my computer but if you have dial-up it may take a while to load. Oh and shipping is free for orders $65 and over, which is very easy to spend with all the great toys. I definitely recommend this site. :)

So check it out.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Delish Beads

Delish Beads
website etsy

The shop is based in Seattle, she sells resin beads,decoden supplies,acrylic beads, and plastic cabochons. I think all of her stuff is super cute. She also sells Swarovski Crystal rhinestones, which I guess is part of the decoden supplies category.
I ordered off her website because I have never ordered off of Etsy so I used PayPal which I thought I knew how to use but I get confused really easily and I thought I didnt fill out the form correctly. The owner of Delish Beads was super nice and helped me with my questions I had. They also have FREE shipping everywhere in the world which is pretty sweet. I ended up buying only 2 things which I wish I had a little bit more cash on hand so I could have bought some of the super cute cupcake cabochons. I bought 2 3mm Swarovski Crystal Components Rhinestones - Crystal - 50 piece set, I spent 7.99 which I know sounds a bit much..but it ended up being cheaper since I did not have to pay shipping :)
Anyways it took 8 days to get to me from the day I purchased which really isn't that bad since I do live in Georgia.

In all I will definitely purchase from this store and also I recommend this store to anyone that is into cute decorative free shipping is always awesome :)



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