Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I haven't forgotten about the blog

I have recently moved so I did not have internet. Lame. Anyways the giveaway will be posted as soon as a I get the last item, which should be any day now!! I'm so excited :) Also I need to check in on swap-bot and get the addresses from swaps from a couple of weeks ago so I can finally send those out!! I feel absolutely horrible about not sending on time..which is not typical of me as you could tell by my ratings. If any of you guys are from any of those swaps I will be emailing you with an apology and when to expect your amazing packages..and added extras ..I really thought I would have been able to send on time but I totally forgot to get the address to send to before I moved..I can be ditsy sometimes.

Anyways on to awesome news..I got picked to be host for the Durex house party!! I'm super excited.

Some things coming up:

1 give away

2 glamour doll eyes eyeshadow review!!
3 finally uploading pictures of the epistick and how to use it and all the other things that I just haven't gotten around to :(
4 review of my pal violet.
5 BIG giveaway announcement on halloween.
6 also I'm thinking of maybe some make up tutorials(including some halloween...I've been practicing!) :)

I'm also trying to make my blog neat looking and not so all over the place.

super excited and I hope you guys are too!!

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