Monday, May 31, 2010

New start?

I decided to delete all my earlier post except the reviews.  The other posts just seemed like they did not fit.  So I'm starting over.  :)

I'm a 21 year old mother that loves beauty products and crafts. I'm not really great but I make polymer clay jewelry and I'm trying to sew. I'm really into t-shirt reconstruction and I'm interested in learning how to knit. I am currently unemployed so I will not be able to post the newest beauty products at the moment.
I've worked in fast food for the last 2 years and just got tired of it. I went to an open interview for JoAnn's and I am really hoping I get the job. It would absolutely be the most amazing job ever, definitely since I'm trying to go back to school to become a medical assistant.
My daughter is 5 months old today! Her name is Abby and she is my life :)
I also have the greatest boyfriend ever! Even if he is X-Box obsessed..well actually Call of Duty is his obsession.

I will also try to update at least once a week. 

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Felix Fire Truck by Manhattan Toy (ebeanstalk)

I received a baby toy from for review. The toy that was sent was a lot more than I expected and Abby loved it. We received Felix Fire Truck which lights up and clicks when rolled, and vibrates when the water hose is pulled. Every time Abby tries to play with this toy she chews on poor Felix.  After a while Abby did finally stop chewing and let me show her how to make it click and vibrate. I don't think she is quite old enough for this toy, just yet anyways. This toy is intended for 6 months+ and she is only 4 months (almost 5) but I'm guessing if I give her a few more weeks she will be moving the truck to hear the click and lights with out my help.  Ebeanstalk has a wide variety of learning toys. Also I am quite impressed with their selection of unique toys like the Tizoo! Which I am planning on buying soon! :)

Over all Abby really enjoyed this toy and I have now found a perfect website for toys for my daughter and also for future gifts.


* I did receive this toy for review, so no I did not buy it but I promise this is a honest review. If you have any questions comment or email me. Also I had lost the pictures of the first day she got the toy so I did have to take new ones so that is why the date is the same as the date of blog posting.

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