Thursday, April 1, 2010

Delish Beads

Delish Beads
website etsy

The shop is based in Seattle, she sells resin beads,decoden supplies,acrylic beads, and plastic cabochons. I think all of her stuff is super cute. She also sells Swarovski Crystal rhinestones, which I guess is part of the decoden supplies category.
I ordered off her website because I have never ordered off of Etsy so I used PayPal which I thought I knew how to use but I get confused really easily and I thought I didnt fill out the form correctly. The owner of Delish Beads was super nice and helped me with my questions I had. They also have FREE shipping everywhere in the world which is pretty sweet. I ended up buying only 2 things which I wish I had a little bit more cash on hand so I could have bought some of the super cute cupcake cabochons. I bought 2 3mm Swarovski Crystal Components Rhinestones - Crystal - 50 piece set, I spent 7.99 which I know sounds a bit much..but it ended up being cheaper since I did not have to pay shipping :)
Anyways it took 8 days to get to me from the day I purchased which really isn't that bad since I do live in Georgia.

In all I will definitely purchase from this store and also I recommend this store to anyone that is into cute decorative free shipping is always awesome :)



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