Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I got a new job at JoAnns

I'm super excited :) I still can not believe a store is being opened in Macon. I'm sure I will really enjoy this job...unlike the fast food restaurants I've worked at in the past.


Aline said...

macon ga?? hi from swapbot! <3 thegreengriffin

ArtemisCadeau said...

Congratulations on the job there!.. I like your blog, and I think you should do more reviews!

From your swap-bot partner, ArtemisCadeau.

Sparsile Vacivity said...

yea I live in macon ga :)

leecytx said...

congrats on the job @ JoAnn's--- so how much is your discount? Is it the superstore or a small one?

leecytx from swap-bot
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Sparsile Vacivity said...

I'm not sure the store isn't open yet but orientation is on the 17th so Ill know then. :) thank you for checking my blog out.

Coleen said...

I could hardly think of a better place, except maybe Micheals to work. I am afraid though that I would spend all my pay check there.
PS, would love it if you followed on my blog.
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